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At White & Partners LLP we have an in-depth experience in litigation of many different types from advising and guiding a client through a relatively small claim at the county court through to a judicial review of tax law at the High Court of Justice.

The same principles apply to all clients – we meet them first and discuss the issue. This is the same for both a claimant and a defendant. We analyse the facts presented to us at the beginning to see what the merits of the case are and whether it is worth going to court or whether mediation would be more appropriate. In complex cases we will advise that a barrister’s opinion is gained in order to offer our clients the maximum protection possible. It is often the case that a strongly worded letter of claim will bring the other side to its senses and this can also apply to a robust letter of defence which sorts out the rogue litigants, of which there are many, sadly.

The small claims track applies to cases valued at less than £10,000 which means that, in most cases, solicitor’s fees cannot be claimed. It is simply not worth instructing a solicitor if the fees outweigh any likely judgment. However, we can be on hand to advise a client how to navigate the court system in a way that can be cost effective.

The fast track and multi-track systems are for more valuable claims and a complex trust claim was recently settled for over £300,000 by solicitor Robert Smith. He has also successfully had conduct of defending a client from an outrageous claim for £50,000 made against her by her builders (she had terminated the contract due to the appalling work done on her property) as well as settling a claim for negligence against a local council for water ingress from the flat above. The causes of litigation are various but the principles are the same – make sure that the client is protected and keep the client informed all the time. There is nothing more disconcerting than having to chase a solicitor to find out if any progress has been made. This is one of the key objectives of White & Partners LLP and something to which we pay careful attention.

Being left out of a will can be very distressing and often unfair. We have many years experience in contesting wills and getting fair settlements for partners and children.

Whatever your problem – be it landlord and tenant, monies owed, breach of contract, contesting a will – do contact our London Office to discuss. We are here to help.

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